Sunday, February 01, 2009

Male Art by Moxy Hart

"Words are so restrictive, mere utterances, black on white. Feeling is the language of the soul and it’s in big, bold, bright, fantastic Technicolor. This is how I see. This is my world" – Moxy Hart

In 1975 Moxy was born in a small town in Gauteng into a family of non-artists. As the odd one out, he would often escape into the world of his imagination and art. He got his first paying job as an artist at the age of 6 when a primary school teacher commissioned him to draw flashcards. He duly announced to his folks that it was time to leave school and become an artist!

Upon his parents insistence he attended an academic high school with no art subjects – so he could get a "real" job. After a few miserable years and nearly failing, he was sent to Art School where he excelled.

There an uninformed lecturer told him the best job one could find as an artist would be window dressing and suddenly he was disenchanted with the world of art. He left small town ideas and opportunities behind and headed for the big city to study fashion design instead. Moxy worked in the fashion industry for three years, but realized that it was a world he did not fit into.

A career in shopping centre decor followed which led to event decor design, the perfect platform for him to utilize his multiple artistic skills. He started his own event design company and the company name became synonymous with extraordinary event design. The painting of massive event backdrops triggered in him a desire to work on canvas.

The sensation of painting on canvas awakened his original passion for fine art. When Moxy decided to sell the company and paint full time, happiness had arrived.

Since relocating to Cape Town four and a half years ago Moxy has been concentrating on depicting the male form and masculine beauty. With works sold right across the globe to private clients and collectors, and fast gaining a reputation as a world class fine artist.

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