Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Graphite Pecs

Not completely realistic... some features like the arms, eyes and mouth have been exaggerated to give it a bit more of a cartoon style. Also tried to make the shading a bit more smooth without any definite pencil lines. I enjoy leaving large parts unfinished as it adds a bit of contrast I think. Pencil on A4 paper that has been yellowed in the South African sun. The image above has been desaturated, the original is below (smaller version) but you can't really see the silvery effect of the graphite pencil properly.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Art Prints by David Crumpler

Need new art for your home? These fine-art reproductions of original artwork by David Alan Crumpler are available on eBay at Muscle Art as pre-orders at a low price until November 24th. Each series is limited to a run of 85 - signed and numbered, and is almost identical to the original drawings.

If you can't choose between the sexy underwear model or the oiled, heavyweight bodybuilder - get both and save on shipping costs.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Interview with L.Z. Hewitt

Where are you from originally? China.

Where do you get your inspration from? Fashion, History and Mythology.

Tell us some more about your work? I like to create my art with soul and warm colors.

Which artists have influenced you? Mostly Botticelli and DaVinci - by their fine lines and warm colors.

Describe your Process, Tools or Favorite medium? I do some research to be inspired, and mostly use colored pencil on illustration board and Adobe Illustrator.

Do you have any formal training as an artist? I am a professional illustrator, University and College Degrees.

Also check out the website for other great Male Nude Art by Hewitt.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Talented Boy

Damn! Wish I this started this doodle on a better piece of paper. Tried to redo it, but just can't seem to get the same line quality on normal paper. So here is the original in its unedited naked glory. Also, don't really want to get in the habit of drawing oversized dicks but the inspiration for this pencil sketch was pretty talented. Hmmm, maybe a fig leave would have been in order...

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Not sure if I can allow myself to swear on my own blog. So I am working on a few different projects at the same time, trying different techniques etc. Then disaster struck - many of my files mysteriously corrupted themselves overnight. With the new tools my projects are getting more ambitious and the files dramatically larger. Will teach me to save multiple copies in the future. Best to get back on the horse and start over again... Sigh!


This was a test to see how I could migrate my drawing of the seated guy and give it a more painted look in Photoshop. The background is maybe a bit over the top, but it seem to work.