Friday, September 14, 2007

Tulip Art Projects

Dutch artists in Berlin, Hans Booy & Paulus Fugers at Tulip Enterprises is on a mission:

To develop an antidote to disfunctional artistry, mostly generated by an art-school education and subsequent delusions of avant-gardeness, often developing into extreme audience-phobia and a lifelong dependency on government funds.

Two of their faux Delfts Blauw "Ceramixed Plates", hand-painted and inscribed with "Include Me Out", thematize social (self)exclusion, sexuality and multiculturalism, is part of the New Museum Store and available at Bloomingdale's Pop-up Shops Benefitting the New Museum, September 6 - November 6.

Hans Booy & Paulus Fugers collaborate on art production, murals, self-organized art shows and art presentations in public and in galleries, clubs and deserted GDR buildings. They work in a wide range of techniques, from Kinetic Art and projections to Folk Art, installation, painting and collage.

See more of these talented artist's unique work at Tulip Enterprises.

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