Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DrawFellas on Boytoons

Check out Boytoons! My drawing of my favorite Class Comics Hero has been published on Patrick Fillion's awesome blog. Thanks Patrick... what an absolute honour! And thank you for being a truly great inspiration for so many years!

Not sure why DEIMOS is my favorite... could be the bad boy attitude, the demon horns or the impossibly high cheekbones. Maybe it has something to do with converting the proportions from the Imperial to the Metric system while drawing. Anyway... why does 13 inches of uncut demon just sound a lot better than 32.5 centimeters?

Pencil drawing on A4 (297x210mm) paper.


Gemini Art said...


Wow! and Congrats on being featured on Patrick Fillion's site. I'm envious. He said some very flattering things about your work. We're happy for ya.

Rudy said...

Thanks dude! Just worried my head may just explode from an inflated ego :) Still... it does boost my confidence.

daddyray said...

Is he a faun or a devil? Do I care? Hell NO!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Boytoons has moved to a new home!