Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yay! My very own Joeboy!

All the way from ComicCon in San Diego... after what felt like an eternity, it finally arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Boys will be Boys: Extended Edition by Joe Phillips. The photo above shows a special treasure inside. My very own Joeboy, even looks a bit like me. OK - maybe when I was a bit younger :)

There is something so awesome about receiving gifts from far away places. After a little disagreement with the South Africa Postal Services - firstly over the actual arrival of the parcel and secondly involving a frantic search for the incorrectly stored item - they finally gave it to me.

Trembling with excitement all the way back to the car, I could not wait to open it - but had to wait a bit longer to get through the strong packaging. Inside was the book, a Joe Phillips Calendar and a comic book from ComicCon.

So I just thought I would share my happiness. And, to the person that made this possible, I can never thank you enough...

See more of Joe Phillips' artwork on his website: JoePhillips.com

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Gerald Dean said...

i'm livid with jealousy. and stuff.