Monday, August 20, 2007

Just a little survey...

Here is your chance to participate in the future of this blog. Let me know which topics would you like to see explored more often on Drawfellas. The last one isn't really an option 'cos I know you want more of that :)

a. Drawfellas art
b. Art by other artist
c. Art teqniques and tutorials
d. Male art photography
e. Male anatomy for reference
f. News etc. about South Africa
g. South African guys
h. More nekkid dudes


timldn said...

You can never have enough of south african guys. I never forget mine.
But it would be great to see techniques and works in progress. I love it when you do this. lets have more. always fascinating to see how work progresses.

Barry said...

A and G. And H (because you're forcing that on us). ;)

Frater Gymnos said...


I'd like more...

a. Drawfellas art
becasue I like your art

c. Art teqniques and tutorials
because I'm trying to learn to draw... men

e. Male anatomy for reference
depends on how wel lit they are and if you tell us how to approach teh reference figures artistically

and thank you for all you do!

Frater Gymnos said...

oh, and if you do publish more south african guys... could we have some non-white ones?

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Rudy's art, so I would like to see him quit his day job and just draw for a living, making enough Rand to pay the rent, buy clothes, eat, and overfeed the cat. So if you like his art, I would suggest that you ask for his mailing address so that you can send him money.

Rudy said...

Hi all! Thanks for participating...

TimLdn: How odd -we have that in common, all mine have been South African also :)

Barry and Frater gymnos: Not easy to find pics of SA dudes. They are a bit shy over here but will see what I can do.

Anonymous: Thanks for the promotion. The cat (there are 5 - don't ask, it just happened) will be very exited!

Anonymous said...

A) Drawfella art
B)Art by other artist

adje said...

it's A,C,E,G and H for me