Friday, September 15, 2006

Summer is back!


bone. said...

How funny! I just finished updating my blog with a Summer Ends post. For us over here in Canada it's pretty much the end. How I envy you the beginning of my favourite time of year!

Keep posting your gorgeous drawings to keep me warm these coming winter months.


jockalot said...

Yes, agree with Bone. Summer is wrapping up here in the Northern Hemisphere. I'm lucky to live in San Diego. Today it will be almost 27C. Fall doesn't start until we have the first rain. The few trees we have here that lose their leaves are only leafless for about three weeks in January, then they start to bud again. I was at the beach yesterday and all the surfer boys were shirtless in their jams playing volleyball as the sun went down.

Your latest drawing is absolutely beautiful. I'm putting out an alert.


jockalot said...

I forgot to say that I like the logo. You must have spent so much time thinking about and doing that.


Ismael Álvarez said...


timldn said...

As we slip into the season of falling leaves our brothers in the Southern Hemisphere are looking forward to the summer. Good Luck guys! Hope you have as good a summer as we have had here. Keep up the great work Rudy!

Rudy said...

I love the energy of summer, especially the long fun days and the hot, humid evenings. Joburg is miserable in winter - all grey and dull. Pity we are not closer to the beach, you dont see enough flesh in Joburg. Only thing I dislike about summer is all the bugs - flying bloodsuckers.