Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Saint Fella

Another attempt at digital illustration in Photoshop... this one took forever to complete. Lots of smudging individual color layers around the canvas. At the moment I am still experimenting with different techniques - hopefully a style will emerge that I can one day call my own. The hands and forearms got too complicated and looked messy. So I cheated and covered it up with a gradient on the body out of pure frustration and ended up liking the effect. Adds a bit of contrast - a lot of times these "accidents" have pleasing results. (Click image to enlarge)


bone. said...

Hey Rudy!
Great looking image...perhaps the guy's knitted brow is a reflection of your own frustration with digital colouring :)

You've got a terrific handle on shading with traditional tools but something seems lost when translated to digital (hence your frustration, I think). If I may make a suggestion...check out the blog of Chris Wahl. Here's a link to a tutorial on digital colouring http://chriswahlart.blogspot.com/2006/04/paperboy-step-by-step.html

He's able to computer colour while keeping his gorgeous pencil shading. I'd also reccommend checking out the rest of his blog. He's a terrific caricaturist.


Rudy said...

Thanks for the link Bone! Great tutorial... brilliant blog - the timelapse videos of his methods are also handy.

- R

jockalot said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Anonymous said...

impressive work, thanks