Friday, February 18, 2011

Physique Pictorial

Decided to spoil myself! Got me some vintage beefcake from my friend Michael over at his great blog Male Models Vintage Beefcake. Mostly for all the great drawings by Tom of Finland, Harry Bush and others, but the little books are a great source of inspiration for artists. Order some for yourself on Michael's Ebay Store BestMusicAndBooks before I buy all of them. Any other guys in South Africa that own similar treasures from AMG?

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Hello, Drawfellas! Thank you for the shout out for my blog and, more importantly, for the vintage beefcake magazines that deserve all the, er, exposure they can get! Keep drawing! Michael

Living Horus said...

Hi Drawfellas

Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and view it regularly. I have a website showcasing my work as an Homo-Erotic Artist and added your link to my blog roll and hope you could do the same!

My blog is Hope you can take the time to check it out and look forward to hearing from you soon.



Firehouse Publications said...

Here are some links you might like.

I am the author of all 3 and can provide images and/or interview if you like.

E. Gibbons


Dear Sirs, we will contact you to provide proof of our artwork, as it would be an honor and a pleasure to work in the future as close as possible, this issue that we like.

We are two guys, Esteban Bellota and Antonio Valiente, born in Barcelona in 1971, we met 20 years ago and 19 years have a relationship both professionally and personally.

Circumstances of life, so far not been able to express our artistic talent and that our professions we are not permitted and is now at this moment we have decided to deal with what really makes us happy.

A few months ago we created a blog to publish some of our work and check the acceptance of it into the public. And it was the public that their support really pushed us to get in contact with several publications to ask, beg, an opportunity. Because we need to publicize publish all our talent and live it, and well be happy.

We just ask you lose ten minutes looking at our blog, which is our book, and please find some reason for us to work together.

I remain yours, Steve and Toni.

Art LeMat said...

Great site, love the art and the references. I look forward for more post from you man. Here's my blog if you want to have a look at it...

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