Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guys by Chris Lopez

These awesome watercolors by Chris Lopez was made by scratching the surface of a special paper called Couche with a needle, similar to creating an engraving. The surface is painted and then finished with a sponge.


Anonymous said...

Hey mate, this are absolutely great images. I have lost the hours I have spent around your blog. I have this fetiche for male drawings, so you know, this is must visit website for me. Again, great drawings. Keep it up!

DrawFellas said...

Glad you enjoy them!

Palanca Feet said...

Couché paper? In my country, couché paper is another kind of paper, cheaper, not actually concerned for art or even less, sketching. There are many things I miss for not being in a country with real art supplies. But the thing about that engraving technique made my heart beat fast, I adore engraving!!! My blogsite is