Monday, October 06, 2008

Masculine Face

New drawing: Pencil on A4 paper. Always looking for the ideal male face. Strong features, soft but masculine. The process of getting the shading smooth feels a bit like forcing individual graphite molecules to bond with the paper in just the right amounts. Comments always welcome...


D&L said...

his looks like the cute guy in the Holding Trevor movie showing at the Pride Film Fest... great drawing.

sunyboys said...

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frome now on i put my artworcks here and share it with you guys…hope you like it…and hope that you help me to geting better on this…
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sunyboys said...
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Estudiocomik said...

This is a great drawing, I love it!

DrawFellas said...

Thanks for the great comments!

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Gorgeous - both the model and the artistic merit. Way to go! - Alan,

claudio bindella said...

I love it, I do agree, tender but masculine, gret work!

Anonymous said...

Your shades of grey are really great.

Although, the right eye seems a

little to "cat-like", with the upper

right corner too "spiky".

And the line of the mouth seems also

a little weird (it looks like it

doesn't follow the line of

construction of the face (but just

a Little really))

As for the ear, it seems to me

that it a little "blurry".

Having said that (and I hope, in

not offensive terms) I really want

you to know, once again, that

your "coloration" is very subtle

and beautiful and so very sweet.

The left eye is alright and the

general ensemble is (very) cute

AND very masculine.

Thanks for sharing.

( do try to forgive my english if

it seems a little restraint and

has some weird sentences in it...

I'm french...)

Anonymous said...

It looks like Wentworth Miller :)