Saturday, August 02, 2008

Who is Torburan?

Can't seem to find any information about this artist - Torburan. I really enjoy the strong graphic and decorative qualities as well as the way the figures have been abstracted.


Anonymous said...

he is a Mongolian gay artist... doing paper-cuts....
check here :

Anonymous said...

I am not really gay, personally.hehehehe I am ordinary person & happily married & two kids.hehehehe
But infact, i made whole serial of the exhibition in this topic accidently.hehehehe
So,well i am artist every artist draws nudes male or female.
But i always believe male figure symbolizing Power & Energy.
Male body is meaning so many connected ideas & idealogy & philosophy,Specially Phallus is So strong & powerful shape & object.
That's why i would lke to express so many different connection with Symbol Phallus!Also my amulet & my
Icon!!! Turo

DrawFellas said...

Even if these were an accident, they are still brilliant! The power and energy of the male figure you speak of shows strongly in your work and it is good to meet an artist that is comfortable depicting it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes depict made others confuced. People always still now in my country hates Gay or homo people, but it is not so much connected with social & political reason in my Art.
I alwyas hope & beleive the God gives to me more sensitive emotion than natural or unnatural gay & lesbian people,it is mean Talent.
I know many people argue about there creativity as well as gay people more sensitive than ordinary one's, but i don't think so! Might be some of them also gifted from God too.
It is mean we're the same sense of the about Beauty!
It is made us something to Create!
That's why i made this serials!
Tha's why i will continue to search more beautiful image in this topic ever!