Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scruffy Angel

Here is a little drawing started in December last year just before my hand got broken. It was intended to be my Angel for Christmas. So at last my fingers are finally well enough (they can sort of bend again) to complete the drawing and start the process of colouring it. Watch this space!


Jon said...

What happened to your hand that required six months of recovery? Poor guy. :-(

DrawFellas said...

It was the night before Christmas... I suprised burglars in my home and managed to get into a fight involving a crowbar and a few blows to my hand and arm.

When I realised a blow to the head could be fatal I backed off and gave them space to make their getaway.

Had a pin in the one finger and could not bend or hold anything properly for a while. Much better now :)

Gerald Dean said...

it's beautiful. well worth the wait. glad you're feelin' better.

Aman Chaudhary said...

This would make an awesome t-shirt!

(That's a scary story about the burglars.)

Larry said...

Very nice "angel". You can find some more at