Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Santa Bear

Cute drawing... Anybody know who the artist is?


timldn said...

Rudy, It has a distinct look of Glen Hanson about it. I would suggest it is his.

Z-Maker said...

It IS Glen Hanson's work.



Rudy said...

Thanks all for the feedback. Suspected it was his style but could not be sure. Thanks for confirming!

JC said...

Yep definitely Glen Hanson. Was unsure till I saw "Hunky." hehe-- that one's got the G-Man stamp all over him!

It's such a fun idea! I'd love to see it animated! Totally looks like a Ren & Stimpy spin-off.

Jessica said...

LOL! I so can see Ren & Stimpy on this! Hunky caught my eye at first. But I think tweeky is quickly becoming my #2.