Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jungle Boy: Final

The Loin King catching some rays in a sunny spot of the forest. The object of this project was to learn how to abstract a figure to a cartoon style image and try and create a more espressive face. Also, to try and create the illusion of depth with the fore, middle and background. Not a traditional loin cloth, realized too late it should have been more of a tattered flap of cloth, but some VPL showing. There should be more cast shadows and colour on his body from reflective light, but I am bored with this for the moment. (Click to enlarge)


Gemini Art said...

Rudy, you've outdone yourself. I'm so envious of your talent with computer art. Every time I try to create art on the computer it looks like a toddler's finger painting. You've truly got the gift, buddy. Great Job!

Rudy said...

Thanks for the comments. This is the most detailed and ambitious digital project so far for me.





Anonymous said...

Wish he were real, instead of digital.