Thursday, May 17, 2007

Romance Illustration

I have been very bad. It has been a while since my last drawing. Here is an illustration I finally completed for a gay-romance story by Andrej Koymasky.
"Sure. All you want, my love."
"They washed off, then Alain emptied the tub and with the shower nozzle, rinsed off their bodies. Then he got out of the tub, took Jacques under his arm and lifted him from the bath. Taking the towel, Alain started to dry Jacques and himself. Then he took his lover in his arms and brought him to the bed."
You can read more of his stories here.


petrito zezus said...

Very good job!
You shouldn't have doubts about your talent.It's an amazing ability you have

Gerald Dean said...


Rudy said...

Thanks guys for the comments! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I have been neglecting the blog due to a serious back injury which does not allow me to spend as much time in front of the PC as before. It is taking forever to heal.

JC said...

What a sweet illustration! The rendering on their skin is exquisite! What media do you use?

Rudy said...

Hi JC,

Still trying to teach myself to do some digital painting, but I am too impatient.

This was made in Photoshop on three layers - one for the base, one for the shadows and another for the highlight and then just smudging the colours around until I am happy.

I look at your work and I wish I could get my rendering as great as yours. Maybe you could tutor me one day :)