Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So much talent...

Look what arrived in my mailbox courtesy of the illustration I made for the Rugby Days contest.

Stripped is a great anthology of gay comics, illustrations and paintings. More than 50 talented artists represented across 352 full-color pages.


fleeboy said...


jockalot said...


Thanks for the great tip about this book. Did you get it as part of your winnings at The Rugby Days, or did it come to you in some other way? What about the jockstrap you were supposed to get from winning the contest?

Here's a link to ordering the book at Barnes and Noble USA: Stripped: The Illustrated Male from Bruno Gmunder

And here it is for $20 less: Amazon

Rudy said...

I am really enjoying the book. One day when I grow up I also want to publish my illustrations.

Jockalot: I received a voucher for Amazon from Rugby Days... the jockstraps arrived last week and I am wearing one at the moment. Very cool!

Adam G said...

Congrats rudy, it is well deserved!

I've changed my blog:

Can you update this on your links? Thanks and again, well done!

Adam G

Dhani said...

i really like this blog.
i have a serious interest in gay art.
here'sa link to my blog>

it has sketches & other porn.

CTG said...

Hey Rudy. New blog address for Homme du Cap: